Casement Windows

A home with recently installed casement windows in Galesburg IL

Enjoy the View with Armor’s Casement Windows

What’s the best way to enjoy the beauty of your yard while comfortably sitting in your home? If you answered casement windows, you’d be correct! Casement windows provide an unobstructed view while closed and excellent ventilation while open, letting sunlight and cool breezes flow freely throughout your home. And when searching for the best, most durable, and most affordable casement windows for Galesburg IL and the surrounding communities, homeowners trust Armor Window MFG.

Casement Windows

Armor Window MFG’s casement windows aim to open up your home without tearing down walls to do so. Our windows use hinges attached to one side, allowing you to open them with cranks or by simply pushing out. Unlike other windows, you can fully open casement windows to allow for the maximum amount of ventilation. Allow Armor Window to help fit your home with easy-to-open, picturesque, and custom windows!

Our Windows Features

At Armor Windows MFG, we go above and beyond to provide our customers with window products that best fit their style and budget. And with Armor’s casement windows, you get more than beauty and affordability. Some of the standout features of our windows include:

  • Energy Efficient – Our windows are incredibly energy efficient thanks to additions like low-E glass coatings, vinyl frames, and argon gas insulation! Armor’s windows are ENERGY STAR rated, meaning our windows have been thoroughly tested to ensure their energy-saving capabilities.
  • Fully Open – Casement windows are some of the few windows that fully open. The ability to “open wide” means homeowners can take advantage of the excellent airflow casement windows afford. For days when a cool breeze is all you need to keep your home comfortable, Armor’s windows are your best friend.
  • Excellent Strength & Durability – If you are looking for windows that can stand the test of time, Armor’s windows have you covered. Using Sunshield® Technology for our vinyl frames, you can count on your windows as impact-resistant, weather-resistant, and resistant to rot and insects.
  • Simple Operation – Our casement windows are simple for anyone to operate. Either by using a crank or just by pushing, you can open your window wide with no hassle. And due to the outward opening design of our windows, you won’t have gravity actively working against you.
  • Greater Security – The durability of our windows also lends to their security capability. Not only can your windows protect you against severe winds and fast-flying debris, but your window and latch system are built tough, ensuring no one is getting through.
  • Beautiful Views – Our all-white, vinyl windows can fit any home and style. Each window is expertly designed, with a sleek and modern look that’s sure to impress your neighbors. Additionally, the design of our windows leads to a largely unobstructed view, emphasizing the beauty of your property.

A casement window in Galesburg IL with a white vinyl frame

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Don’t settle for anything less than the best, locally-made casement window for Galesburg and throughout Illinois. Find the replacement windows of your dreams with help from Armor Window MFG. To learn more about our windows and glass products, including double-hung and sliding, contact us today at 309-343-6139. We are located at 723 E Main St, Galesburg, IL 61401.