Sliding Windows

A look outside from sliding windows in Galesburg IL

Armor’s Sliding Windows Combine Beauty and Function

There’s nothing quite like the easy glide of opening a sliding window. Whether for your basement, living room, or across elongated wall space, sliding windows are the perfect addition to any home. And if it’s a durable, affordable, and locally-made window product you’re looking for, Armor Window MFG has you covered. We produce beautiful, versatile sliding windows for Galesburg IL residents and communities throughout Western Illinois.

Sliding Windows

The ease of function for sliding windows is why so many people choose this window style. In addition to their versatility, this window type fits well into the spaces where standard, vertical windows can’t go. And with single and double-slider options, you can control airflow and more efficiently manage cleaning/maintenance. Best of all, with Armor Window MFG, you can customize your windows to fit anywhere! It’s no wonder Armor’s windows are a popular choice with homeowners.

Our Windows Features

You only get the best of the best when you choose Armor Window MFG’s window and glass products. Not only are our sliding windows the best choice for filling out wall space, they are also easy to operate and maintain, and they offer fantastic energy savings. And these are only a few of the features of our windows! Our customers can expect:

  • Energy Efficiency – All Armor windows are tested and rated by ENERGY STAR for their incredible energy efficiency. With low-E glass coatings, argon gas insulation, and vinyl frames, your sliding windows are guaranteed to save on utility bills and electric costs.
  • Great for Filling Space – For rooms with elongated walls or lower ceilings, finding a window that fits can be challenging. Thankfully, our custom sliding windows can be designed to fit easily into any space. The addition of sliding windows also helps smaller rooms appear larger, creating the illusion of more space.
  • Easy to Operate & Maintain – Sliding windows require little effort to open and close. And with double sliding sashes, you can control airflow through your windows and access both sides of the glass for cleaning more efficiently. Additionally, your windows won’t suffer from the same long-term effects of gravity that can wear on standard double-hung windows.
  • Increased Durability & Longevity – You can be confident in the strength of Armor’s windows. We utilize vinyl frames created with Sunshield® Technology. The unique makeup of our vinyl is more resistant to impact, weather, temperature, fading, insects and rotting, helping preserve the condition of your windows for years to come.
  • Excellent Security – Armor’s window products all use durable lock and latch systems, keeping your window tightly secured under any conditions. From blustery winds outside to intruders trying to get in, you can feel safe and protected behind your secure windows.
  • Improved Curb Appeal – There’s nothing more appealing than the style of Armor’s white vinyl windows. We design our custom windows with a sleek and modern look that can match any home’s aesthetic. You can boost your home’s curb appeal with your new windows from Armor.
A beautiful, white vinyl sliding window in Galesburg IL, manufactured by Armor Window

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Beautiful, functional, affordable sliding windows in Galesburg IL are only a call away. For the best, locally-made windows in Western Illinois, look no further than Armor Window MFG. To learn more about our windows and glass products, like our casement and double-hung windows, contact us today at 309-343-6139. We are located at 723 E Main St, Galesburg, IL 61401.