Double-Hung Windows

A beautiful room with two new double-hung windows in Galesburg IL

Embrace Traditional Styles with Armor’s Double-Hung Windows

Nothing is more beautiful in your home than classic, traditional-style double-hung windows. Not only do double-hung windows look excellent for any property, but they are incredibly versatile and energy-efficient. And thanks to Armor Window MFG’s excellent window design, you can expect your windows to withstand the harshest weather and last a lifetime! If you are interested in our double-hung windows for Galesburg IL, or the surrounding communities, call Armor Window today.

Double-Hung Windows

Armor Window MFG’s double-hung windows are designed with two individual sashes that tilt inwards or slide up and down. The functionality of these sashes contributes to some of the more desirable features of double-hung windows, such as easier maintenance and greater ventilation. Being one of the most popular window styles, we strive to provide our clients with expertly-crafted windows that are custom fit and meet your budget and preferences.

Our Windows Features

At Armor Window MFG, we value quality, functionality and beauty in our window designs. As such, our windows implement excellent features that make cleaning easier, improve ventilation, increase energy efficiency, and boost your home’s curb appeal. These features include:

  • Energy Efficient – Armor Window applies a low-E coating to window glass, helping block UV radiation and radiant heat transfer that can warm your home. Additionally, with weather-resistant frames and options for insulated glass, your new windows will minimize air leakage and maximize energy savings. Trust our ENERGY STAR-approved windows!
  • Easy to Maintain – Double-hung windows feature sashes that slide up and down or swing out. This allows easier access to both sides of your windows from inside or outside. For windows above the first floor, you won’t have to drag a ladder out to clean the outside glass.
  • Sleek & Modern – Our windows use white vinyl frames, easily matching the style and function of any home. While these windows are a more traditional style, vinyl frames give your windows a more modern, up-to-date look.
  • Durable & Long-Lasting – The vinyl frames for all our windows utilize Sunshield® Technology, making them some of the strongest window products available. With Sunshield®, your windows are weather-resistant, impact resistant, and resistant to rot and insects, ensuring they last a lifetime.
  • Excellent Ventilation – Double-hung windows are unique in that you can adjust both sashes individually. This gives homeowners more control over ventilation based on the weather and outside temperature.
  • Safe & Secure – Thanks to the strength of Armor windows, they easily protect your home against strong winds, flying debris, and potential intruders. Additionally, the ability to secure your window’s bottom sash while keeping the top open keeps small children and pets safe while still allowing consistent airflow.

Armor's white vinyl double-hung windows in Galesburg IL

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If you are searching for a durable, affordable, and locally made alternative to your standard window products, why not consider double-hung windows from Armor Window MFG? Learn more about our residential windows and glass products, like our casement and sliding windows, by contacting us today at 309-343-6139. We are located at 723 E Main St, Galesburg, IL 61401.